Welcome to clear path

You found your place.

Welcome to clear path

You found your place.

Welcome to clear path

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To find your place is to find peace and fulfillment in a community that supports every aspect of your well-being.

More than a physical structure or specific coordinates, finding your place means finally feeling like you belong. Regardless of whether you’re active duty, retired, or a military-family member, we welcome you to heal, grow, and become the best version of yourself here at Clear Path.

just around the corner

Two Macbook computers on either side of a page filled with numbers. A hand gestures to a spot on the page using a pencil.

Get your finances squared away

September 21

Take a complimentary financial-health workshop with M&T Bank.

Two male chefs at Clear Path stand smiling in front of the Mobile Canteen Meal vehicle trailer.

Chow down in Broome County!

September 22

Come and enjoy some seriously good eats from our own Executive Chef Mike.

The front half of a motorcycle cruising down the road from the point of view of the driver.

Ride for Clear Path

September 25

Join us on the open road for an afternoon ride to raise money for Clear Path.

the need

The greatest challenges are the ones you can’t see.

The years after a veteran’s time in service can differ vastly from one veteran to another.

Profile view close-up of a man looking out of a window. Dark shadows cast over the part of his face closest to the camera.

Canine support program

Resilience comes with a wagging tail.

There’s a special kind of comfort and healing that comes from the companionship, devotion, and love of a service dog.

A close up of a labrador retriever dog who is training to assist a prior service military member.

Culinary programS

Where there’s food, there’s friendship.

Whether you’re cooking the meal or enjoying it, there’s so much to savor when you’re gathered around the table.

A young woman in an operational camouflage uniform pattern sits and speaks with an elderly man at a table during Canteen.

ALL Programs

Connect. Restore. Grow.

We prioritize healing and fulfillment—whatever that may look like for you and your family. Check out our programs and find your place.

A father stands outside of a house and smiles with a toddler on his shoulders and an elementary-aged boy on his hip.


Our veterans say it best.

For me personally, I really did find that sense of community that has been missing for the last decade of my life.

US Army | 1996–2003

I have a safe place to come to. I can talk to people here without any judgment.

US Marine Corps | 1976–1978

To walk through the doors at any Clear Path location, a veteran crosses almost a physical boundary where they’ve entered their community.

US Army | 2004–2010

This is the new mission.

US Air Force | 1968–1972

Clear Path is the best place on earth for veterans to gather with each other and their families. There is so much love and concern for each other. We will definitely return to this beautiful place.

Spouse of a veteran

Clear Path sucks the hate right out of you.

US Army National Guard
US Army Reserves | 1984–2004

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