Warriors Working

Clear Path's WarriorsWorking empowers Veterans to enter the workforce by equipping them with the necessary skills and training to ensure success in achieving their goals. This program provides career services support that is customized to meet each individuals unique defined needs. Any Veteran who seeks to start a career or desires to continue in their current workplace can stand to benefit from the services offered in this program.

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We consider the whole person and realize that there may be barriers to employment at the beginning of the process. Veterans who require additional support will work closely with a Peer Mentor in navigating and overcoming circumstances that inhibit forward progress.

Clear Paths in-house programs are supplemented by resources offered through local community organizations and employers. We partner with those in whom we see a genuine desire to support our Veterans and who are willing to provide goods, services and council that is of an excellent quality. With the support and guidance from Clear Path staff and local organizations, Veterans receive the tools and encouragement they need to be successful in their careers.

WarriorsWorking provides the following services:

  • Career Counseling
  • Skills Assessment
  • Access to Peer Mentor Support
  • Resume Support
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Current Job listings from area Employers
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Mock Interviews
  • Workforce Training Programs
  • Referrals to Supportive Services
  • Post-Employment follow on Services

If you are interested in learning more about WarriorsWorking, please call (315) 687-3300 or email Heidi@ClearPathForVets.com.