Peer and Wingman Programs

The Peer Mentor program reaches Veterans and active duty men and women exactly where they are. This program provides close, individualized support for those who need guidance and assistance in getting on the track with their personal goals and objectives. We partner with national and local organizations to create an all-encompassing network of support for any need that may present itself. The volunteer component of the Peer Program called Wingmen work to empower Veterans in establishing independent and purpose-driven lives.

The Clear Path for Veterans Wingman Program is created in honor of PFC. Joseph Dwyer. PFC Joseph Dwyer was an Army soldier from New York who enlisted following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 and who took his own life after returning home from Iraq in 2008. 

Calling all VETERANS – Make a connection!

  • Are you getting ready to leave,
    or have you already left the military?
  • Are you overwhelmed with information?
  • Are you worried about your future?
  • Are you having trouble reconnecting
    with family and friends?

Clear Path for Veterans Peer Program can offer you support by pairing you with a fellow Veteran who can provide knowledge and guidance. The goal is to assist you in being a warrior for life, not just during your military service. Whether it be alleviating concerns or questions, understanding your healthcare options, needing legal or financial coaching, or a place to live. Those who have already navigated their transition are here to help you.

Can you offer support?

Part of the Warrior culture is giving back and being a Wingman can fulfill that desire to help a brother or sister. If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a Clear Path Wingman, please contact us at (315) 687-3300 or fill out a volunteer application here