How long does it take to get a service dog once I start the program?

Since you will be training your own dog for service, we do our best to individualize your training sessions so it is dependent on both you and your dog. The average time frame from entering the program to graduation is 18 months.

How long before I enter the program?

We currently have a waiting list. You can expect to enter the program within the next 6 months, although criteria are used to determine your place on the waiting list. We encourage you to visit the facility and utilize our programs and services as you wait to enter the program. Wait times given are subject to change.

I just applied what now?

A member of our staff will be in touch with you within three (3) business days to confirm we have received your application. Please be sure to check your email and phone for our response to your application. Your prompt response will ensure your place on the list. We will then discuss your application and schedule an initial meeting once you meet the criteria.

Can I use my current dog for the program?

We will make every effort to use your own dog. The decision will be based on your personal goals and the personality, age, temperament and breed of your dog.

I have a dog but it is not a good fit for my goals, what now?

Although your dog may not fit the service dog program, putting an additional dog into your home is a big decision. Before making a final decision on a second dog, our trainers and knowledgeable staff with help you and your family develop a plan that maximizes the relationship with your current dog as well as meeting your service dog needs.

What if I don’t think I need a service dog but still want to be part of the Dogs2Vets Program?

Because dogs bring a great deal of fun and love to our lives, we offer a variety of training options for Veterans and their families. Please check our website for scheduled training classes offered both at our facility and off site.

How can someone donate to the Dogs2Vets Program?

Our Dogs2Vets Program is privately funded and not connected in anyway to government funding. Donations come in many forms. The average cost to put a Veteran through our program is approximately $8,000 – $15,000 depending on a variety of factors. You can visit our donation page to learn more about how to support.

I am not a Veteran, but my family member is. Can I still utilize your training services?

You can participate and still give back to our program by participating in our Dogs2Vets Community training classes. These 5 week classes provide basic training and instruction with a professional trainer who will be assisted by a Veteran in our program. These classes are $100 per 5 week session.

What is a “bully breed?”

This is a subjective term and changes with the attitudes of the general public. Currently, Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire terrier, American Bulldog, Rottweiler and Boxers are considered to be “bully breeds”. Please note this list does not in any way reflect Clear Path’s assignment of bully breeds, rather a broader public perception of dogs that are often misunderstood.

I have a “bully breed,” why can’t I use him for the program?

These breeds make wonderful pets and are accepted in our general dog program. An important goal of our service dog program is to promote engagement with the community. Unfortunately, many bully breeds are looked upon unfavorably and even fearfully by the general population. Our main goal is to advocate for Veterans and service dogs and not for any specific breed of canine companion.

I don’t have a dog, should I go adopt one?

We recommend you wait until you are entered into the program to select your dog. Although we cannot dictate the timing of acquiring a family pet, as part of the service dog process we’d prefer to help you with the adoption process. Things to take into consideration when selecting your dog is the right size, breed, temperament and personality that best suits your needs and goals. Once you enter the service dog program, the adoption, startup veterinary fees and start up equipment are paid for as part of the service dog program.

I just got a puppy, can I join the program?

The service dog program is designed for dogs at least 1 year of age. If your goal is a service dog, keep in mind, dogs do not have the maturity to be service dogs until they are approximately 2 years of age. If you decide to get a puppy, it’s important that you start off on the right foot and participate in one or more of the puppy class available at our facility. The purpose of these puppy classes is to give guidance on basic training and socialization. It is very important you socialize and train your puppy to meet the future goal of a well behaved companion.

Can I donate a dog?

Depending on the traits and age of the dog, we will on occasion accept a dog for donation. Dogs with behavior or health problems are not accepted into our adoption program.