Canine Program

Clear Path for Veterans Dog Policy

Although we are "dog friendly," our primary consideration has to be given to both the safety of people and dogs as well as the training the dogs receive who are enrolled in the Canine Program. We ask that all visitors adhere to the following rules regarding dogs and use of our property:

General Rules

  1. For safety and liability purposes, we do not allow aggressive dogs on the property. All dogs must be well-mannered and under the handler’s control at all times.
  2. Dogs are not allowed to special events unless prior permission is received by a Clear Path for Veterans, Canine Program Director.
  3. Clear Path for Veterans strives to provide a safe and tranquil environment for our Veterans, and the community that supports them. If your dog is being disruptive to the enjoyment, please remove them from the property. 
  4. Please ask for the owner’s permission to pet any visiting dog.

Registered Dogs outside on Property

  1. Visiting dogs must be on a leash at all times (this includes when using the trails for hiking).
    Note: Off-leash play in either fenced-in areas, may be used with prior permission.
  2. Dogs should not be allowed to greet unless both handlers have consented, and only if dogs are not showing excess arousal.
  3. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog.  Please do not deposit waste in indoor trash bins.
  4. Whenever outside, and (especially if on the trails), owners are responsible for periodically checking their dogs for ticks as they are common in this area. All dogs that have been outside should be inspected for ticks before entering the lodge.

Dogs inside the lodge

Note: Only registered dogs in our Canine Program or staff dogs are allowed in the building; K9 Mingle members are also permitted during scheduled classes.

  1. Must be on a leash and under the handler’s control at all times (note: certain trained dogs belonging to the staff may be allowed to be off-leash at times)
  2. Must not be allowed to greet other dogs unless owners consent and the dogs can greet each other safely. NOTE: If there is any question, please see one of the trainers on-site.
  3. Must be fully house trained (and given plenty of time to eliminate outside before coming in).  The owner must be prepared to thoroughly clean up after any accidents.
  4. Must not be allowed to have noses on tables when food is being served and/or consumed.
  5. Canine Program participants who wish to bring their dogs to events other than for training should consult with their trainer before doing so.