A Visit to North Platte, Nebraska

A Visit to North Platte, Nebraska By Terry Finley

On a recent trip to Denver, I happened to stop in this little town right of Hwy 80 in Nebraska. Some of you might have heard of it? It’s called North Platte. Yep…I know what you are thinking and I’m right with ya!

If you’re not familiar with Clear Path’s Wednesday Canteens, they are modeled after the North Platte, Nebraska canteen. This canteen ended up feeding and providing a place of comfort to all the service members that headed across the country to fight in WWII.

So, I exited the off-ramp and proceeded to find the Union Pacific RR Station that hosted the Canteen for over 6 million service members traveling through by train from December 25, 1941, to April 1, 1946. After some twists and turns, I found the Union Station Memorial dedicated to the Canteen. Unfortunately, the station's main building hosting the Canteen doesn’t exist anymore. I was lucky enough to catch a train passing by while paying homage to the citizens of Nebraska and Colorado who did their part to support our service members while they were transported off to war.

The highlight of my quick stop was stopping into a  little shop, Cinda’s Accents. I thought it was just a gift shop where I could pick up something saying North Platte. It turned out to be something more and definitely something special.

As I entered the shop, I immediately noticed it wasn’t a gift shop and looking somewhat confused and about to leave, one of the ladies at the counter asked if I needed help.

So, I proceeded to tell the ladies my story about Clear Path, the significance of the Canteen, and that I wanted to find a memorable trinket for our facility. We proceeded to have a wonderful conversation for about 30 minutes. Then Cinda and Cassandra pulled out this awesome framed print of the Union Station and two soldiers. Sold!!

Cinda Baker owns Cinda’s Accent and once owned the largest Art Gallery in Nebraska. 

Cinda has been a part of making North Platte beautiful for more than three decades. Cinda’s career as a custom picture framer started in 1983 at Odegard’s Art & Framing in North Platte. These early days at Odegard’s provided Cinda with the foundation she needed to create Nebraska’s largest art gallery and custom frame shop from 1996-2003.

Cassandra Baker volunteers with a couple of organizations within the community involving young students and therapy dogs.

A huge thank you two these wonderful ladies, their hospitality, and this wonderful gift for our Clear Path Canteen Great room!