VA releases updated Veteran Suicide Data Sheet for New York

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention has updated its Veteran Suicide Data Sheet for New York; it was release on Sept. 15. An average of 20 Veterans die by suicide each day. Although Veterans constitute 8.5 percent of the U.S. population, they account for 18 percent of all deaths by suicide among U.S. adults.

One alarming finding in New York state: The overall suicide rate is 10.6 (standard unadjusted mortality rate per 100,000 people). The overall national suicide rate is 17.0. New York’s Veterans suicide rate is nearly three times New York’s overall rate and nearly double the national rate: 29.1.

Clear Path for Veterans is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that acts as a single point of contact for Veterans, military members and their families by engaging, supporting and making it easy for them to connect with what they need while committing to providing a welcoming place to call home.

To that end, we offer these suggestions to help prevent suicide among our Veterans:

  • If a Veteran you know is immediately at risk for suicide, call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1; chat online at this link or text to 838255 for free, 24/7 confidential support.
  • Share a self-check quiz to help a Veteran assess whether mental health treatment would be beneficial by sharing this link.
  • If you know a Veteran or a member of a Veteran’s family who is homeless or at risk of being homeless residing in central or eastern New York, contact Soldier On’s Supportive Services for Veterans Families program at 1-866-406-8449.
  • If you are concerned a Veteran you know may be misusing alcohol, opioids or other drugs, encourage them to click here to take a confidential assessment and learn about effective treatments.
  • If you are concerned that a Veteran needs more social interaction, invite them to a Canteen lunch held every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. here at Clear Path.
  • If you know a Veteran struggling to feed themselves or their family, contact Clear Path’s Peer Mentor program at (315) 687-3300 for a confidential allocation of food from Clear Path’s food pantry.
  • If you know a Veteran who is ready for but struggling to find employment, contact Clear Path’s WarriorsWorking program at (315) 687-3300 – and ask for Heidi.
  • If a Veteran has not found adequate pain management through traditional medical practices, we encourage them to compliment those practices with our multi-faceted wellness approach that includes Integrative Medicine, such as Polarity, Reiki and Auricular Acupuncture. Call our front desk at (315) 687-3300 to schedule an appointment.