Remembering the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

A Message from the Clear Path for Veterans Family -

Twenty years ago today, the world changed forever in ways great and small. The Towers fell, the Pentagon burned, and farmland in Pennsylvania transformed into hallowed ground. It was a day unlike any other, and one we will never forget.  First responders selflessly rushed toward the dangers, and the military readied to prevent the next attack. Within a few weeks, we were a nation at war.
Many at Clear Path for Veterans fought in the mountains of Afghanistan and in the sands of Iraq, but few expected this to be the longest war in our nation’s history, one that ended just a few weeks ago. War and the preparation to wage it transcends time and unites those who wear the uniform with common experience and so, today is a day of significance not just for post-9/11 Veterans but for all Veterans. 
Here at Clear Path, we remember this day every year to fulfill a promise to those who serve. Regardless if they see battle or not, Veterans give a part of themselves to our country and endure wounds both visible and invisible. Here at Clear Path, we serve Veterans from all generations unconditionally by welcoming them home so they can be well and become whole again.
Today reminds us there is no more important mission.