Meet Stormy!

Today, we are proud to introduce Stormy. Stormy is named after former Military Working Dog (MWD) “Stormy,” a U.S. Marine Corps Scout Dog. 

During her career as a Marine Corps Scout Dog, Stormy served in Vietnam with her scout-dog handler, Ronald Aiello from 1966-67. Their story is published in the book, A Soldier’s Best Friend: Scout Dogs and Their Handlers in the Vietnam War, by  John C. Burnam. As stated in this book, “Ron and Stormy worked a number of search-and-destroy patrols, day and night during their thirteen-month tour together.” During one of these occasions, Stormy is credited with alerting a large enemy force, uncovering a large network of an enemy tunnel system, and saving Ron from an enemy combatant that was engaging him in hand-to-hand combat. 

Ron is also credited as the founder of the U.S. War Dogs Association, Inc. “He and his team of other veteran war dog handlers and supporting members raised public funds to place a War Dog Memorial, sculptured in bronze, on the grounds of the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial & Education Center in Holmdel, New Jersey.