How Nature Brought My Family Together

A Wellness through Nature Spotlight Story brought to you by Kristen Muir.

I have never been an athletic person.  My husband always was in high school, and obviously being a US Marine, he had to be fit.  We have athletic children, but me- I would rather be poolside or sitting by the fire.  It’s just never been my thing. 

When COVID-19 hit we all became a little stir crazy.  We discovered that we had all been so caught up in our everyday lives, we really were at a loss of how to bond together as a whole family- doing something we all enjoy.  When Justin suggested a hike, I cringed.  Kristen doesn’t hike.  Kristen does not even know where her sneakers are.

My husband is super supportive and suggested a quick and easy hike in an area very close to our home.  The kids loved it, and to be honest, it was one of the first times they had let loose since being in quarantine.  Justin talked to them about different types of trees, and they were so excited when they uncovered a partially constructed Teepee in the middle of the woods.  I was happy breathing some fresh air, listening to them all laugh, and snapping some Facebook worthy photos!  My dancer danced in the forest, my explorer brought his pocketknife and grabbed some sticks to carve at home, and my up and coming photographer also snapped a ton of pictures!  It was a great day! 


We found ourselves falling in love with the idea of an outside adventure, especially when remote learning or working from home became really overwhelming.  We found new trails to hike, creeks to splash in and waterfalls to explore.  What made this so perfect for our family is that no one needed to be an expert, we just did simple google searches on different trails local to us, and we made it happen. 

This was a great release for my combat veteran husband- nature is so great for anyone’s mental and physical health- a great way to reconnect with one another and just take a break from the unpredictability that we are all experiencing.  My husband’s service dog, Bella, had even become stir crazy and really enjoyed getting out and being busy.  Being active even gave her a little pep in her step! 

 I would urge anyone to take a chance to do something new with people you care about- find time in your day to connect with nature- it’s an amazing creation that we often take for granted!  With the fall comes amazing beauty- enjoy it, experience it!  Find joy in these little things!  If I can do it, anyone can!  


By Kristen Muir