Clear Path’s meals take a nutritious step forward thanks to Terrasoul Superfoods

In the fall 2016, Clear Path for Veterans began a program that delivered healthy meals to Veterans going through a medical crisis.

According to several studies, some Veterans show signs of social withdrawal or social isolation during major life changes, high stress environments and during a health crisis. When these Veterans are at their most vulnerable health-wise, they may be inadvertently assisting the disease to grow. They need nutritious meals with social engagement, and that’s where Clear Path’s culinary program steps in.

“While going through extreme health crisis, the last thing people want to worry about is cooking food and going to the grocery store, as both time and money are limited, not to mention energy levels. This inevitably leads to quick solutions such as fast food, delivery food, and frozen cheap meals, all of which are low in nutrients and high in sugar, sodium, fat and a variety of other items that can actually feed cancer and other illnesses,” according to Adam Coleman, Clear Path’s External Programs Assistant Director.

To that end, Chef Coleman began sourcing nutritious, organic foods, not only for the experimental meal delivery program, but for all of Clear Path’s culinary offerings. The switch to more health-conscious, nutritious foods has in no way diminished the quality of the food served from the Clear Path kitchen, in fact, this switch has made it far more beneficial to the Veterans and their family members who enjoy the meals.

Meet Terrasoul

Terrasoul Superfoods was founded in Fort Worth, Texas, by husband and wife team Dennis and Amy Botts in 2013Terrasoul began as a family mission to create and inspire health in others.

“With a passion for living and eating well, the couple sought out the best and most nutrient-dense ingredients to feed their family. Through cooking, organic gardening and consistently aiming to instill the message at home that living and eating well are one in the same – health became their journey,” reads the company’s website (

“We are an organic food sourcing company and are very different than most other food marketing companies that are our competitors,” said Terrasoul Superfoods Community Content Director Megan Dunn. “We want to offer more reasonably priced superfoods and the best quality ingredients to our customers in the most transparent way.” How they make that happen is by investing in cold storage technology, extensive lab testing, and quality control systems “instead of celebrity endorsements, fancy trade show booths, and expensive marketing campaigns.”

Today, Terrasoul is a 30,000 sq. ft. facility featuring more than 70 ingredients sourced from more than 20 different countries.

Clear Path reached out to Terrasoul, interested in sourcing from them products that aren’t generally found on grocery store shelves, such as ashwaghanda, matcha powder and pea protein. Hearing about the programs and services that Clear Path offers to thousands of Veterans and their families each year, Terrasoul has generously donated a large variety of important ingredients needed for nutritious meals on a continuing basis.

“This is a tremendous blessing for us, being able to provide the Veterans we serve the most nutritious, health conscious food possible,” Chef Coleman said. “We’ve already seen the incredible effect that this food can have on health and wellness, and we’re really excited to start incorporating more and more nutritious elements into the incredible food that Chef Chris (Griffin) is preparing.”

For more information about Terrasoul and to purchase product, visit its website at