Wellness Programs

Our Integrative Medicine events are designed to introduce Veterans, active military, Reserve, Guard, their caregivers, and significant others to a variety of integrative medicine options to enhance their overall wellbeing. Our practitioners are experts in their field and many times volunteer their time to provide these services. Our integrative medicine options are offered at a variety of times and are dependent on the availability of our practitioners as well as interest from various groups. All are opportunities to try out these modalities to see what might work for you. Once you identify something that resonates with you, we can help you find possible practitioners in the community to patronage.


A Reset is a scheduled day of integrative medicine options, social engagement activity, and may also include a nutritious meal or snack. We make these available to small groups of 10-12 individuals. The groups may be a military unit, caregivers, significant others, couples, Gold Star families, Veterans group, those providing care to our Veterans (i.e. VA staff, Vet Center staff), and other mission-based populations. These may be available for a fee or sponsored by one of our generous donors.


We offer a unique range of hands-on bodywork and energy medicine techniques. We also offer instruction in yoga, non-clinical talking circles, meditation, and mindfulness when available. While some of these practices are lesser-known, they are proven to be highly effective among our Veterans and their families.

Below is a partial list of possible opportunities along with a short description:

Auricular Acupuncture

The whole body is represented on the ear, in the same way, that reflexology maps the body through the feet. Practitioners place needles in the ear at precise points that stimulate the brain and body and encourage natural healing of pain, stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, addictions, and PTS symptoms.


A Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force or the energy all around us. Reiki is a relaxation technique that can boost healing and restore balance to the mind, body, and spirit. The practitioner uses a series of gentle hand placements on or over the physical body. This practice has been used to treat chronic pain, stress, and anxiety as well as PTS, TBI, and other serious conditions. Your Reiki session will be a unique experience for you as an individual. It is like a massage for the spirit!


A healing therapy that relaxes tight or chronically tense muscles. Pressure, tension, and motion are applied to superficial muscles, deep tissue, and attachments. You decide if you prefer gentle or deep tissue work. Relax from the inside out in our safe and nurturing environment.

Lymphatic Drainage

A very gentle hands-on treatment. Light pressure is applied in a wave-like motion over the body which stimulates fluid circulation, activates the immune system, and calms the nervous system. A noted benefit is decreased swelling and faster recovery after surgery or injury. The work is done while lying comfortably on a massage table.


An ancient practice that develops intentional focus which minimizes random thoughts about the past or future. Meditation helps with concentration, relaxation, and inner peace. This practice is scientifically shown to alleviate medical symptoms, stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Boost your mood with a rejuvenating session of relaxing meditation.



A non-invasive healing energy practice that calms and sedates the central nervous system through a series of gentle touches. Polarity uses acupressure as an alternative to acupuncture. All pain and illness stem from the disturbance or blockage of energy flow in the body. This technique alleviates overall mind-body stress by balancing the bodys flow of energy and restores you to health and wellness. This session may offer relief to sleeplessness, headache, backache, stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and other complications stemming from PTS and TBI.


While there are many styles of Yoga available, the overall principle is universal: bring the mind, body, and spirit into union. This practice works from the inside out by allowing you to connect to your innermost self. You will gain flexibility, balance, and better health through breath and movement. No experience is necessary to join. 


Practitioners apply pressure with the thumbs to specific points on the feet and hands to stimulate natural healing throughout the entire body. The foots reflect points correspond to organs, glands, and systems across the body. Reflexology improves nerve function, blood circulation while inviting relaxation, and a sense of peace.


A form of energy field healing where the practitioner uses a gentle hands-on touch on a specific area of the body that requires attention. A session is performed while sitting in a chair or lying down on a massage table. The work is very relaxing and helps to bring the bodys energy into balance.

Qi Gong 

Qi Gong (pronounced Chee Kung) is a slow, gentle practice rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques, and mental focus. Qi Gong increases vitality, reduces stress, calms the mind, enhances balance and stamina, and bolsters immunity. No prior experience is necessary.

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