Education Summit


The Clear Path for Veterans Education Summit is a unique opportunity for colleges and universities to come together for networking, guest speakers and discussion on caring for and creating programs that serve student veterans and their families.

Faculty, staff, coaches and campus leaders are encouraged to attend. We believe that any individual who interacts with this unique population can benefit from the lectures and the professional connections.

Each year, we invite speakers who are experts in fields such as veteran and family care, special academic initiatives, mental health, family and caregiver dynamics and federal programs. One of the highlights of the Summit is our student-veteran panel that welcomes frank, direct discussion on challenges and successes of serving this group.

The Clear Path Education Summit is different from other higher education gatherings because of the unique focus on human behavior, interaction, relationship building and community network.

COMING SOON! Information about our Apring 2019 summit

What Our Attendees Say

“Without Clear Path, my role as Veterans Advocate would not have been created as they helped convince the administration of the need of better support for student Veterans on campus. [Clear Path] has helped with programming on campus, support off campus and guidance into the future as we continue to improve our support services for student Veterans.”
- Laura M. Pierie, Assistant Professor
Coordinator, Teacher Education Transfer Program
Veterans Advocate