Women Veteran Appreciation Self-Care Event. A Virtual 5-Part Series. Week 5

Jul 9th 2020 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Week 5 of 5-part series.



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You can’t pour from an empty cup, so let us help fill yours! Join us for a 5 part self-care series designed for our women Veterans!

Each week features a short, lunch-time segment with a focus on various areas of self-care. We will be joined by an array of guest speakers ranging from women Veterans to licensed professionals, ready to share their insight and methods to help facilitate wellness and growth through self-care! Reserve your spot now! A Zoom meeting link will be sent to the email used at registration that is valid of all five parts of the series.

The 5 part self-care series kicks off on Thursday, June 11th, and will be hosted every Thursday beginning at noon through July 9th.

Clear Path will also be tuning in to a special Virtual Women Veteran Appreciation Day event hosted by Assemblymember, Pamela Hunter on Friday, June 12th as we celebrate Women Veteran Appreciation Day! The event will take place via Zoom. Please RSVP to HunterP@nyassembly.gov to receive your registration link!

Click here to reserve your spot now!

Weekly Details:

Thursday, June 11th - Introduction to the Series

Join Clear Path for Veterans Peer Support Manager and Veteran, Venecia for an introduction to our 5-part Women Veterans Series. We know that as a woman Veteran during this difficult time, you may be pulling double or triple duty! Employee, mom, caregiver, partner, teacher, and the list goes on. Take a short break from your hectic day to virtually learn to care for YOU and interact with other women Veterans.

Friday, June 12th - Virtual Women Veteran Appreciation Day

Hosted by Assemblymember Pam Hunter. Please join Assemblywoman Hunter for a special online event. June 12, 2020 10am - 12pm. The event will take place via Zoom. Please RSVP to HunterP@nyassembly.gov.

Connect with women veterans throughout New York State, find new resources for veteran services, and hear from other women veterans with shared experiences. While we cannot meet in person, women veterans should still be recognized as they always are on June 12th. Please respond to HunterP@nyassembly.gov to receive a registration link.

Thursday, June 18th - The Importance of Self-Care

Colonel Kate Hutson will be sharing some self-care tips! To share life-lessons from an active duty perspective from Col. Hutson that you can adopt to help you cope through COVID-19. Col. Hutson will help us remember the tools we once used to help us deal with stress while in the military that we may have forgotten.

Susan Punzo - Breathing with yoga!

Join us for a few moments of peace. The very meaning of the word yoga is "to yoke, to bring together into union." The practice of yoga is about the blending of opposites, and the achievement of unity of body and mind via the combination of effort and surrender. Deep breathing can also allow us to experience our true essence. The flow that the steady in and out action of breathing creates stimulates a transformation in the body and mind, purifying and cleansing them so that our true essence shines forth. Circulation is increased, hormonal balance is cultivated, the organs are regenerated and the nervous system is pacified.

Thursday, June 25th - Memory Maker Project

Art Talks - Join the Memory Maker Project to view and chat about artwork from local museums and galleries! This talk will be inspired by Great Women Artists from around the world!

Thursday, July 2nd - Do Something for YOU

VA Self-Care - Hillary Cashier, LCSW

Join us as Hillary leads us in what it means to care for ourselves mentally, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically! She will be providing ideas, tips, and tricks for simple and free self-care practices to take with you!

Clear Path’s own Chef Christopher Griffin will be providing a recipe for a delicious mocktail that can be enjoyed all summer long!

Thursday, July 9th - Thank you & Farewell

Join us for a final discussion on our personal growth throughout the series. Share your experience, ask questions, and give your feedback!

We will be joined by Clear Path's service dogs in training! These five, playful labs will surely bring some cheer to your day!