Annual Appeal

We at Clear Path for Veterans are writing to you today moved by a spirit of thankfulness. We are thankful that we have had a successful year of abundant growth and accomplishments and we acknowledge our donors for the significant role that they have played.

Donations enable Clear Path for Veterans to strengthen our programs and carry out our mission. We reach more active duty, Veterans and families than ever before because we do not face barriers that are often imposed by government funded programs. Here are specific ways in which the local Veteran community benefited from donations made to Clear Path: 100 meal kits donated by the Cicero American Legion were delivered to those in need; 431 Veterans were lifted out of homelessness through our partnership with Soldier On; 20 dogs were brought out from shelters and began service dog training; 30 Veterans were trained and placed into the workforce; Our number of volunteers grew from 375 to 482. We continue to meet the broader needs of military members and their families.

A grateful heart releases joy and brings forth opportunities to connect. Our mission is heavily driven by notions of connecting our men and women to the services that they need. Your gifts allow us to care for the people we serve and we encourage you to visit our beautiful facility to witness your support in action.

Community involvement is essential in providing complete wrap around support for the journey home. Because of you, we are able to meet the unique needs of each of our Veterans and their families. Your gifts will never be taken for granted.

We ask you consider Clear Path for Veterans in your annual charitable giving. The enclosure outlines some of our program needs. No gift is too small if it comes from the heart. We invite you to read our donor testimonials so that you can see what they gained from their gifts. Regardless of how you choose to support, know that your contribution will help local military members and their families go beyond imagining a better life for themselves by allowing them travel their clear path home.


Donor Testimonials

Donor: Randy, Owner of Our Cause Tavern

Gift: Motorcycle

Why: While not able to ride anymore himself, he believes “there is no better way to get use out of it than to donate it to a cause like yours” because “after seeing [Clear Path], it really moved me.”

What He Gets: “Its a sense of pride that we are helping Vets in some little way. The guys coming home now are getting a lot more recognition, and that’s a good thing. Recognition is important. We are losing our WWII Vets real fast. I want them to know that we still care. Its a passion of ours. There’s a connection there”

Donor: Audrey, Age 8, Student

Gift: $196 profit from her lemonade stand.

Why: She decided she wanted to donate “to the Army”.

What She Got: An invitation to Wednesday Canteen where she served her lemonade and baked goods to Veterans of all eras and the chance to see firsthand the thankful faces of those who will benefit from her efforts.

Donor: Anonymous

Gift: $20

Why: A young man participating in Clear Path programs was in line at the grocery store behind an elderly Veteran who had forgotten his wallet at checkout. He stepped in and paid for his food.

The Result: A WWII Veteran was helped and didn’t feel alone. He was moved to tears by the gesture, and he called Clear Path to let us know how thankful he was for this seemingly random, small act.


- There is no gift too small when it comes from the heart.