Our Staff

Melissa Spicer


Earl Fontenot

Chief Strategic Officer

Rob Solano

Organizational Development Officer

Alex Behm

Alex Behm

Chief Operations Officer

Myron Thurston III, CFRE

Chief Development Officer

Terry Finley

National Outreach Manager

Ron Dean

Director of Facilities Management

Lynn Fox

Outreach Coordinator

Jeannine Rogers

Volunteer Program Manager

Christian Vischi

P.R. / Marketing Manager

Lizzette Donigan

Human Resources Manager

Christopher Griffin

Executive Chef

Adam Coleman

External Programs Assistant Director

Karen Krull Robart

Culinary Assistant

Kate Hannon

Internal Programs Director

Heidi Sullivan

Warriors Working Manager

Erin Brisson

Dogs2Vets Trainer & Training Coordinator

Deb Roth

Dogs2Vets Trainer

Ryan Woodruff

Dogs2Vets Program Manager

Erin McDonald

K9 Mingle Coordinator and Dogs2Vets Trainer

Char Marx, RN

Integrative Medicine Manager

Kayleen Spicer, M.A.

Social Engagement Manager

Brian Knapp

Salesforce / I.T. Manager

Cory Farragher-Gnadt

Outreach Coordinator, Southern Tier

Lance Stenfeldt

Peer Support Manager

Venecia DeRoose

Peer Support Manager

Justin Muir

Peer Support Program Assistant

Jonathan Wanglund

Peer Support Coordinator, Southern Tier

Matt Foster

Facilities Manager

Bethany Frank

Front Desk / Administrative Assistant

Susan Goodfellow

Accounting Assistant

Nicole Soule

Trainer, Dogs2Vets & K9 Mingle