(“Volunteer”) has requested to provide services as an unpaid volunteer at Clear Path for Veterans. By your signature below, you agree/affirm that services provided to Clear Path for Veterans are strictly voluntary and that you are not an employee and have no expectation of being compensated for your services.


 Volunteer hereby promises and agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless Clear Path for Veterans and its affiliates, officers and agents from any and all claims, demands, losses, liability, penalties, fines, causes of action, damage, costs, disbursements including attorney’s fees, lawsuits or judgments of any kind or nature whatsoever (collectively “Claims”) arising out of or related to any services provided by the Volunteer including but not limited to any physical, mental or other injury suffered or caused by the Volunteer.  Volunteer acknowledges and agrees that in consideration for this General Release and Waiver of Liability (“Agreement”) he/she is being permitted to provide volunteer services at Clear Path for Veterans and that absent the terms of this Agreement, the Volunteer would not be permitted to provide such services.



Volunteer consents and authorizes Clear Path for Veterans to utilize photographs and/or video of the Volunteer and other materials which identify or depict the Volunteer by picture or name, for its promotional and marketing purposes such as flyers, website, social media and news media free of charge and without any compensation owed to the Volunteer for such use.  Volunteer forever waives any claim they may have regarding Clear Path for Veteran’s use of their image, name, voice or likeness whether via photo, video or any other format for any purpose including promotional and marketing as outlined herein.  



It is the responsibility of every employee and volunteer to protect all confidential Clear Path for Veterans information. Clear Path for Veterans’ confidential information includes information concerning our Veterans, their families, and our proprietary information (such as financial information, business plans, and certain operating plans).  We all share a common interest in making sure it is not improperly or accidentally disclosed.  Do not discuss any of this confidential information with anyone who does not work for us unless you have an authorized business reason to do so.  If in doubt about what an authorized business reason is, consult with the Executive Director or Director of Programs and Services. Internal disclosures and discussions may take place only on a need-to-know basis that is directly job and/or business related. 


Confidential information may be received via phone intake, voice mail, e-mail, text messages, and faxes, and other means.  We must close electronic files, and/or return documents to a file when their use is completed, or at the very least ensure information cannot be viewed by others who are not directly working with that information.


The utmost in care should be taken when filing, storing and disposing of confidential information.  To be disposed of properly, confidential documents must be shredded.



Clear Path for Veterans requires all volunteers to comply with all New York State executive orders as pertains to Covid-19. This includes travel restrictions, quarantine orders, and testing procedures. Volunteer agrees to follow all Health and Safety Regulations laid out by Clear Path for Veterans in conjunction with CDC and Health Department guidelines including:


  • Volunteer will complete a Health Screening Questionnaire upon entering the facility.
  • Volunteer will wear a mask at all times, even if all parties are fully vaccinated (more than two weeks but less than six months past final dose).
  • Volunteer will maintain a 6-foot social distancing whenever possible.
  • Food and drinks should be brought from participants’ homes and not shared with individuals outside of one’s household.
  • Any parties volunteering at an event must provide proof of full vaccination or negative COVID-19 test taken within three days prior to the event.



It is imperative to maintain our positive image in the community, so we continue to receive the support needed to serve our Veterans, their families, and each other.  Our ability to do so is dependent upon the actions and performance of our employees and volunteers.  A positive attitude, using good judgment, providing outstanding service, and responsible personal and professional behavior on your part are necessary for us to continue our mission and maintain an outstanding reputation.  To help you support us, Clear Path for Veterans wants you to know that we have the following expectations of all of our volunteers:


  • To be an ambassador for our Veterans and everyone else we serve; including each other.
  • Honesty, decency and compassion.  Ensure every action reflects exemplary ethical values. 
  • The ability to build and maintain trust; with everyone.
  • A deep understanding of, and commitment to, the warrior culture.
  • Diversity will be embraced; this includes culture, work habits, personal preferences and anything else that is different.
  • Always communicate, inform and discuss in a professional, constructive, and respectful manner.
  • Ask questions when you are not sure about something or how to proceed. 
  • Fulfill the responsibilities and duties for which you volunteered in a professional and courteous manner.


Additionally, please note that although you are a Volunteer and not employed by Clear Path for Veterans (CPV), New York State law still prohibits you from engaging in or being subjected to sexual harassment while volunteering for CPV.  If you are subject to, or observe, sexual harassment of any kind related to services you provide as a Volunteer, please immediately notify the Executive Director so appropriate action may be taken.


This Agreement is established under, and shall be governed and construed exclusively according to the laws of the State of New York.  Jurisdiction and venue for any dispute arising from or related to this Agreement in any way shall be exclusively limited to courts within Onondaga County in the State of New York.


To acknowledge that you understand and accept all terms and conditions of this waiver, please check the corresponding box on the Clear Path for Veterans volunteer application.